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New POR Swag in stock!

POR got some new gear from Jupmode this week.  New tanks, new women’s Ts, new men’s and women’s race wear, and all your favorite classics,  We even have a POR pennant on there now.  Check out the store at www.pantsoffracing.com.  We have a bunch of new items and filled up some sizes that we have been missing.  We know you’ll like em!


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Pants Off Racing Jerseys!

We reprinted our POR jerseys this week. This time we ran some in new colors: black, purple, and Texas. We’re going to look fantastic this race season. Hopefully you ordered one for yourself. If not, we need to have at least 12 to order more. No worries since you probably want a dozen anyway.

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Tweeting the Salad!

Well it was a special day. It was Amo’s Birthday and it was A – Pronk’s first pronkathon! He was a virgin pronkstar until this day! He met his match, the xterra was a bulldog as advertised! They called it some of the hardest hills that any Pronkstar has ever met. Pretty sweet stuff for your first race.

Well, the breast part is that Alex, never the dependable one actually proved he likes to run more than he likes to chase cougars. He woke up at 3am pacific time and ate a dece pronkfast then headed over to the race. He showed up just in time to open the gates with the park rangers at 5am. I think I was still asleep at this point. Well as he was signing up before most Los Angelers were sleeping, then decided to take a nap until the race.

Downward facing pronk dogg was at the race by 6:30, a little earlier than planned, but enough time to do the ritual and get a bib for the race. Thinking A-Pronk was not gonna show he decided to head back to the car and drop off the sweatshirt he wore since it was cold before the start. On the way a run in with Alex Peralta happened. Man this was unbelievable!!! The kid showed.

Man it was a tough race, i really need a camera to capture these things, not willing to risk the canons functionality no pics were taken on the course. but this was an unreal race. 2 miles in or 5K’s (of the 22K’s that were run) the hills started blasting our legs. Alex eventually took off on Pronk still feeling the effects of the Salad he had early morning! He was off to a blistering 22K. Fortunately the hill took its toll on everyone and Pronk was able to catch the virgin runner about mile 6.

The hills were a brutal 2K foot climb that never seemed to stop. it was the first time out in that park for either of us, so we weren’t sure to expect, but our friend from Belize told us where to take it back a notch. Belize Jason was wearing his compression socks, a must for all Pronkathletes! Well finally Pronk passed Alex and was able to take some pics of the kid crossing the finish.

Graet race by all PORers! Over 2 hours for 14miles, the Bulldog 22k in calabasas Cali, but not bad considering the course and the race schedule that has wiped out the Pronk reserves. happy about it, and the views were unreal. One year you have to check it out yourself. the mtns were unreal, a whole look over the ocean and the city. the rocks smoothed out near the top making it look like you were in utah, something i have never seen in my running days in LA.

next pronkathlon there is aug. 21st weekend, an ultra that does two laps over this course in 100 degree heat. who is ready to sign up for this one? It’s been broughten.

HURD responsinbly and stay fresh. This is the best way to start a weekend morning, running high is like nothing you have ever experienced! P-stars

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SWEAR – it’s SNOT all Aboot Races, even in La Canada

How about some fun, concerts, sports, ninjas, dogs and Meerkat Manner.  There is time for all that as long as you make it.


training for an ironman isn’t all fun games, and it definitely isn’t all training and sweat.  Yeah there are a lot of times that you just want to say Pronk that, I want a natty light chased with a turbodog and some wild turkey.  be honest with yourself, let loose and go see Poison open up for Def Leppard. 

Picture 047

Eat a sandwich that has a thousand calories in it.

1000 grand

Tell your mom you miss her, and tell your dad you’re not married yet because you want him to live vicariously through you forever!

nan & JT

Find a random group of pronkbirds to paintball with, and own them!


So bottom line is have some fun, or join a team that forces you to have fun.  Don’t quit having fun because you’re getting older, college has passed by, and you started to gain weight in places you never thought were possible.  I mean look at DR, I think he lost so much weight that most people can’t use him as a paper weight any more, he would blow away. 

But start enjoying every day, or move somewhere that makes you smile when you get up, even after binging a good portion of the natty ice case you bought last night.  Let your friends motivate you and if you ever lack in that area of your life, i think you have found the right team for you.  Have fun putting your spandex on today, and go out there and prairie dogg some miles.  It’s good for you and it will give you more energy and more smiles, especially when it is all over!  Then crack that beer, wine bottle, or wild turkey…cause dammit you deserve it!  you’re a living, breathing Pants Off Racer! 

There's no such thing as a weekday any more!
There’s no such thing as a weekday any more!
Wake up today and feel the power of being able to workout!  Grab that Monster or Enormous coffee mug and make everyone at work jealous that you’re having such a great week.  Even if you have to fake it, people respond to others that smile and always seem to be having fun.  it may be hard work on your tougher days, but I think in the end people are attracted to this energy.  Be that person, and you never know what may happen. It definitely beats being the moody person at work that no one invites to lunch or Happy Hours.  Give it a shot.  Gobble Gobble.
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