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In the Press

The Meerkats got a big shout out in the LA Times this past weekend!  Saturday’s edition of the Los Angeles Times featured an article written by Mikaela Conley, founder of The Daily Saint, highlighting a handful of upcoming races in the Los Angeles area.  Conley’s article, Five Kilometers of Fun Experiencesincluded this quote by Pat and Pants Off Racing’s efforts to do a little good along the way:

“It’s about taking the mind off the run itself, said Patrick Amato, co-founder of Pants Off Racing, a nonprofit organization for pancreatic cancer awareness and supportive services. Amato’s mother, Nancy “Pants” Amato, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2007. By 2009, Amato and his siblings had founded POR, which will sponsor its first race Oct. 12 in Calabasas.

“It’s contagious, and we have seen that over the years a good cause goes a long way when you have passion and find a common activity that people enjoy,” Amato said.

The race is open, so register today for the POR Almost 10k (and 5k) for Pancreatic Cancer.  Can’t wait to see everyone there!


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Boston Pronkathon Photos

here are a few photos from annie of pronkstars pat and teapot pronking the boston marathon. they’re fast.

what’s the word for pronkstar groupies. we need one.

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This Just In – Boston Pronkathon!


Must be the jerseys!

His Pronkness finished his first Boston Pronkathon today in 3:16.  T-Pot also ran like a mad man and finished in 2:52, and the POR mascot Pelner ran all 26.2 miles in 3:14 – the fastest time ever recorded for a dog.

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Pants Off Racing at the Boston Marathon 2010

Ace, Teapot, Pelner

Three Pants Off Racers off racers qualified for and ran in the Boston Marathon on this Patriots’ Day. That all posted incredible times. Running the Boston Marathon is as good as it gets for long distance runners. Hopefully we’ll have a larger team presence next year. Pictures on the way.

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Binger’s Pronk-a-thon Report!

by Binger Von Bingerstein


HURD! All that turbopronk’n of pavement, prairie dogg’n of hills and hampster wheelin’ 10-15 miles a day really paid off for Binger Von Bingerstein and P-Dinger!!

However, suspicion has it that P-Dinger might have cheated to be able to turbopronk that ‘thon in 3 hrs 4 min because Binger Von Bingerstein pronk’d just as hard if not harder and the judges say he timed in at 4 hrs 38 min.

The night before the Pronk-A-Thon, Binger Von B and P-Dinger stayed with P-Dinger’s friend, Frosty, up on Larkin Street, which is located at the top of San Francisco’s tallest hill. Only the strongest prairie dogs can pronk it. Frosty, a generous man and a big part of Team Pronk / Pants Off Racing came through huge with providing his out of town roommate’s bed for P-Dinger and a couch for Binger Von B. P-Dinger and Von B bought Frosty a coffeemaker and a toaster because they needed coffee and toast in the morning before the race. Frosty needed these two accessories anyway.

What follows is an actual conversation between Von B and P-Dinger the night before the ‘thon:

VON B: Should I pronk my cell phone to the ‘thon Dinger?

P-DINGER: Nah, leave it. We’ll meet up at the finish line and I’ll drive us back to Frosty’s in my rented Mercedes pronkmobile.

VON B: I’ll probably finish turbopronkin’ the ‘thon between 11:30am and noon.

P-DINGER: Hurd. I’ll meet you at the finish line between 11:30am and noon and I’ll pronk us back to Frosty’s. Capiche?

VON B: Capiche.

(remember this conversation)


It’s 4:45am Sunday morning: the morning of the SF Pronk-A-Thon. P-Dinger and Von B’s

nipples are Neosporin’d and Band Aid’d to circumvent pronk-chafing. Baby Powder is the prevailing scent in P-Dinger’s rented Mercedes pronkmobile (Von B’s secret remedy to avoid bum chafing – apply liberally). You could cut the tension and focus in the air with a slap chop. P-Dinger’s struggling to find the route from Frosty’s to the Pronk-A-Thon on his iphone. Binger Von B is requesting that they listen to Seal before the ‘thon. “We’re never gonna survive, unless we go a little crazy.” A motto Binger Von B pronks his life to, but P-Dinger denies Von B of his Seal fix. So instead, Team Pronk’s soundtrack on the way to the race consists of Lil’ Wayne or something like that. P-Dinger’s taste in pronkmusic isn’t his most sophisticated trait.


Von B and P-Dinger finally find parking near the starting line and the lines for the pronkrooms are several miles long, but P-Dinger and Von B wait it out to get a quick pronk in before the ‘thon. Binger Von B escorts P-Dinger to the starting line as he is in the first wave among the Kenyans and Olympic turbopronkers. Von B is in the eighth wave among the first-timers, cougars, snapping turtles and all around slower pronksters.

The clock strikes 5:30am. The pronkgun fires and P-Dinger sling-shots out of the pronkgate to turbopronk the 2009 SF Pronk-A-Thon.

Binger, in his “Go Dumb” shirt, waits an hour for his wave to start pronkin’. 6:52am rolls around and Binger Von B kicks off his turbopronkin’ with a bang! Von B rockets past every member of his wave justifying an earlier wave for the next pronk-a-thon he pronks.

Binger Von B turbopronks the Golden Gate Bridge, prairie dogs Golden Gate Park and powers through the Haight Ashbury District where psychedelic hippy pronksters cheer Binger on because they know Binger Von B’s a kindred spirit. Seeing Binger’s shirt they yell “Go Dumb!” And Binger passionately replies “GO DUMB! PRONK HARD!”

Binger soars through the finish line chute with tears of victory and glory! P-Dinger has long finished the pronk-a-thon. It’s 11am. Binger has finished early, so he figures he’ll wait a half hour or so for P-Dinger to pick him up because, as per their conversation, they were to meet at the finish line between 11:30am and noon. P-Dinger is nowhere to be found. Von B is worried that P-Dinger may be in the hospital suffering some fluke pronk injury. Quite the contrary, true colors were pronk’d when a cashless, cell phoneless Binger Von B is waiting for P-Dinger at the finish line so he can drive him back up the 90 degree hills of San Fran to Frosty’s apartment, but P-Dinger never shows. Binger Von B’s elation after having turbopronk’d that ‘thon quickly turns to fury and frustration. There sits a dejected, sun-burned, sore and frustrated Von Bingerstein waiting at the finish line for two and a half hours for P-Dinger, who is already pronkin’ his way down the 101 freeway in his rented Mercedes pronkmobile with his lady pronkbird LA bound pronkin’ a 6 dollar pronkburger from the Arroyo Grande Carly Jr. burping “tweet tweet.”


Von B is left in the lurch. What does Von B do? He gets in a cab and begs the cabbie to take him up to Frosty’s apartment with the faith that Frosty would be home to let him in so he could grab cash and pay the cab fare. The cabbie says “NO DEAL.” The cabbie was, however, generous enough to give Von Bingerstein the longest possible walking route to Frosty’s apartment. Von B ends up prairie dogging another 6 miles up the treacherously steep San Francisco hills back to Frosty’s apartment. Luckily, Frosty was home to let Binger in.

Needless to say, Binger Von Bingerstein deserves another medal for pronking a total of 32.2 miles on the day of the San Francisco Pronk-A-Thon. No thanks to P-Dinger who claims he took a half-hearted gander around the finish line looking for Binger, but didn’t see him. All is not lost though, P-Dinger has agreed to treat Binger to a juicy steak at The Sherm (Binger’s favorite eatery) to make up for his selfishness and Binger Von B has graciously accepted the offer and has since forgiven him.

Let this be a lesson to all you at Pants Off Racing. Either pronk a phone with you or drive yourself to the pronk-a-thon. Pronk hard everybody! Go Dumb!

-Binger Von Bingerstein LLC Inc. 2009 ©

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GO DUMB PANTS OFF RACING – the story of Binger and Pronk


We were monsters, our moms (and yours) would be proud. We pronked the THON and the Golden Gate bridge nearly before the sun was up.


Needless to say we prairie dogged those mini pronk hills in san fran, carbo loaded with plenty of delish granola, and made sure Frosty had a new toaster and coffee maker upon our departure from the great state of san fran bay


It ended with a bang, Binger hit his stride the whole way and came out with a new PR of 4:38. All his training paid off and he still can heed the advice of his life coach, the Raw Devastator, “Some people get in shape to run marathons, I run marathons to get in shape!” well as you would know B Dinger, our fav. Ex step cousin would work it more like “I don’t get in shape to pronk marathons, I pronk marathons to take my pants off”!


In any event, the race was great but the company was better as u can see. Come race with us, it’s more than an experience, it’s a pronkstyle. And don’t forget to pick up ur very own bottle of Pronk Powder!


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