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In the Press

The Meerkats got a big shout out in the LA Times this past weekend!  Saturday’s edition of the Los Angeles Times featured an article written by Mikaela Conley, founder of The Daily Saint, highlighting a handful of upcoming races in the Los Angeles area.  Conley’s article, Five Kilometers of Fun Experiencesincluded this quote by Pat and Pants Off Racing’s efforts to do a little good along the way:

“It’s about taking the mind off the run itself, said Patrick Amato, co-founder of Pants Off Racing, a nonprofit organization for pancreatic cancer awareness and supportive services. Amato’s mother, Nancy “Pants” Amato, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2007. By 2009, Amato and his siblings had founded POR, which will sponsor its first race Oct. 12 in Calabasas.

“It’s contagious, and we have seen that over the years a good cause goes a long way when you have passion and find a common activity that people enjoy,” Amato said.

The race is open, so register today for the POR Almost 10k (and 5k) for Pancreatic Cancer.  Can’t wait to see everyone there!


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OK, so we have this race.  Follow the flag bearer!


stand on one leg, and get ready for the news.   it is gonna get really fun and we can’t wait to have more info for you!

balance on one leg

We are having the FIRST EVER POR Race.  it will be at a nearby trail LA trail and we want all of you to attend and support.  it will be run for Nancy Pants, The Dan Goldman family, and others that are dealing with Pan Can.   We don’t have the date set down yet, but the trail is picked and we will begin to leave clues for all you.

Costumes are welcome and bring your friends.  Tony Hammond is bringing 50 of his AZ friends and we expect the same from you!

tony bear

So how excited are you?   Can’t hold it in?   We can’t either.  We are looking forward to some great guests.  DJ White Jade, Binger von Bingerstein and his life coach, Nancy Pants in her moomoo, the Goldman and Brown families, and many more celebs across the country.


We are looking for ideas for awards, what to give and who gets them (i.e. best dressed, coolest facial hair, most tie dyed clothes, etc.).   we need swag and sponsors.   we need Tracy Colvin to rent out the Elks lodge for the night so we can sign karaoke and have a real sweet spandex party.    anything else you can think ofk, including someone that can design websites for the race!  please send your ideas to

More to come, but that’s all you can handle for now.  trust me.  don’t get old on us!  this is all about staying young, i think!

don't get old

so you can imagine us all at the start line i leave you with this visual.

the start line

Run Like a Turkey 50K

Swanton, OH – The inaugural Run Like a Turkey 50K trail race took place this past weekend at Oak Openings Preserve Metropark.  This was the first year for the race and included only 66 turkeys.  The course consisted of  two continuous 15.5 miles loops around the park on a 4-6 foot wide sand/dirt/gravel boy scout trail.  The course is great and one of my all-time favorite placed to run.  It is a sneeaaky trail, though – covered with booby-traps and surrounded by snipers ready to lay you out.  I would guess today’s event held an average of at least 1 ninja roll per runner.  The whole trail was layered with leaves, roots, and rattlesnakes.  The course was not flat and had plenty of up and downs, zig-zags, and countless hidden kankle breakers.  Staring down at the ground in front of you the entire race is an absolute must, and rather delirious after a few hours.  For Rohn, finishing this race with 2 healthy kankle’s is not to be overlooked, and is certainly a greater achievement than finishing.  In the end, it could not have been a better day (weather was a lucky 50 degrees and sunny) to run 31 miles.

Run Like A Tukery 50K Course Map

POR represented quite showlingly – placing second in both the women’s and men’s categories.  In due time, Rohn should be receiving some medal-like award to commemorate his brash, yet effective, stubbornness.  It was reported that Rohn’s training plan for this race consisted of running a total of 31 miles over the course of the past month.  Pretty incredible stuff.  Thank god the boy scouts were there to feed Rohn the water from their canteens at mile 27.

This is definitely a race that I would recommend to anyone considering an ultra-marathon.  In my mind, it was the perfect ‘starter’ race for someone interested in running an ultra since it was low key, low stress, exciting course, and relatively easy on the bones.  The trail did not get tedious and I actually prefer the 2-loop method as it gives you the opportunity to get some perspective of the course throughout the second lap.  The only thing lacking from the race would be the amount of spectator support and competition.  With only 66 runners out there I was very much alone the entire time.  But, I don’t think people chose to run these things for the competition of it.  I would definitely do this race again.

Run Like A Turkey 50K Starting Line

Run Like A Turkey 50K Starting Line

Amato’s love their platters.

Rohn running like a turkey, again.


She done!

Pretty sweet medals, too.

DR not winning mile 31.

Who doesn’t like platters? They are like a good casserole.

Halfway there, Rohn.

Lady: “What’s that?” DR: “Advil” Lady: “Oh! That’s too much.”

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2012 Columbus Marathon

Kat Money ran a 3:38 marathon in Columbus, OH this weekend – killing her 4 hour goal and missing Boston by 3 minutes.  Marc also decided to joined us for his first marathon as well. #meerkats











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