OK, if you want to know what POR does outside of run races here is a post you can enjoy.  It has been so fun staying connected with the 3 families that we have helped this past holiday season.  All the families are super dope, and even if we figure we will just meet up for a dinner or quick hello it ends in a night full of fun 5 hours later!


We are so lucky to have met so many great people through this program.  The benefit of meeting with friends is an added bonus.   But when you truly enjoy the people you meet and they make the group better than it was before it is even more rewarding.


So we met up with Sandra and Julia tonight.   Sandra came to us through another family that we met through the Hirshberg Foundation.   She is being treated for ovarian cancer currently.   She has more energy than one would imagine, and has always had more ideas for POR than we can handle.  I guess helping families outside of our typical cause has given us some new friends we are glad to have welcomed to the family.  POR isn’t just about pancreatic cancer, it is about people!

We had dinner with Sandra and her daughter tonight and realized being a kid isn’t too bad! Noodles can be eaten in any fashion, and if you saw Lady and the Tramp you know what we mean.


We went to the Disney store after dinner and I don’t think you could have rescued Julia out of there if there was a fire.  The little things in life need to be calibrated some days, and after all that work that comes with getting older it is good to see what a kid perceives as fun and worthwhile (even after their typical curfew).


In the end it is fun forgetting that you have work, a workout, or so many other things you think that are important.  Really what matters is who you surround yourself with.   Here is a great example of how spending time with others really is more than you can ever ask for.  Tonight really was more fun because of the people that took time out of their schedules to meet some new people, and those new people are really great.



3 thoughts on “POR MEET UP

  1. Nancy Amato says:

    As usual, you guys rock! So glad you did this. Let us know next time and we’ll join you, if possible.

  2. Hendricks says:

    Love it – great work Meerkats!

  3. Lavin says:

    We each get caught up in ourselves, the day to day, the details, and the FOMO. However, at the end of it all, as said above, it is about the people we meet, we help, we share stories with and make laugh – who inspire us. What they overcome everyday is worse than the hardest exam, the biggest presentation, or the longest/hilliest run – ever. The families help us to re-focus, re-prioritize, and re-engage in life and friendships! The experiences, memories, and stories are what carry each of us along, shape us, and make life so amazing

    POR is a unique opportunity to be charitable with our time and our emotions. It is simple fun. We get together to break curfew, eat ice cream (with and without spoons), run across the mall, run into doors, skip, jump, sing, shout, and dance (Gangman style). We laugh, we tell stories, and we smile – a lot. We digress, we regress but we grow.

    This experience is a two-way street and the impact the families have on our lives is worth more than any dollar bill(s). With the growth of POR, we are excited to jam our social schedule with more dinners, events, dancing, and gift-giving. It is so exciting to think that we are able to alleviate some pain, stress, and the ongoing challenges of cancer treatment. Spreading happiness is a really, really good feeling and worth ditching work for all the time.

    Way to go POR!

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