The Town Bike







dude, found weaver.  he was on a bike.  he was in LA and he was cruising.  he ran 26 miles and tried to find Mark Smith.  little did he know he would not find him and he has never met a cherry he didn’t like!   uncle nate, a little early for easter, but pura vida, the man wears a mean straight bill!




still riding, fierce facing the venice crowd.   his equity is big time in Peoria.  his equity in manhattan beach is snot gonna help him.  as he looked for good school systems he hated having so much fun on this bike!








so if you were wondering we love america.   stagecoach, 4th of july, 5th of july, flag day, other crazy anthem inducing deals, you got to love leaving america just to raise the cuff!




weird guys, last minute with the uncle.  had to say bye.  he looks short in this.  must be my giraffe hat.   hope you have an uncle nate around.

photo (1)

donations welcome.   he only charges 35 per donut you make him eat the rest is on donations.



ride or die.   no one died, but we raised awareness for pancreatic this weekend.  so many meerkats running like over 300 miles total.  almost a triathlon for the uncle dude!



april 5 weekend, see you at the zoo, nerds!   we have meerkats to meet.




the parents never wanted us to grow up, now they want us to grow up faster!  so weird, they want us to have kids to end up as ADHD as we did.   kinda creepy.  anyone want to have John’s firstborn?!?!?!



we don’t have many friends that are this photogenic, but fortunately we have the one and only DR Amato.  He hasn’t smoked since he was 12, but if he did he would wear a white suit and call himself Danimal.   Actually I think he lost a job at Google since he referred to himself as Danimal and said he went out all night but was never late to work.  well, live and learn brah.



DR and John love coke. uh. cola.    and birkenstocks.



shark week is the best.  tune in.  next summer.

have a shark safe week!   piece –

Pants Off Racer





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