LA Pronk-A-Thon

We ran some this weekend, then ate a full pizza each.   It went like this.

First we ran into ex-girlfriends, mainly Bonesaw’s.  Then we sprinted 26.2 fierce meerkat miles, turbodogging so many K’s!   no one drank an ounce of water, cause we were like we are too good for that ish.  It hurt bad, but the reward was rewarding.   We smelted that LA thon.  taweet tweet.

Here is the pic to prove….it.


it was so dark before the race.  after bathing and greasing we got real pumped about this stuff.  thinking about running lots of miles got us jacked on endorphins.   almost as fun as sleeping like the rest of the city.  however, uncle nate and i passsed out at 8 the previous night, so we were ready.




well if you have never pronked a thon you should.  look how fun it is?!?!?!?   best thing i can think of on a feast day or pretty much any sunday!   sunday runday wrecked your monday?   think again, this is how pronkstars do it when they need a jumpstart!



missed u all as our knees went from 32 yrs old to really really old like 90 yr old creaky knees!   it’s all about strutting your inner meerkat.  find a brother and rock it.  Boston here I come, as long as Katiebird finishes her pronkathon in under 3:35!




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