The Minutes we Sleep are the ones we Wasted

This weekend was full of surprises.  One occurred abt 10pm last night when we took a truck over a 14 foot tree.  It was on the road, our heads hitting the top of the truck, and our feet hovering over the floor of the truck.  Wheeler had an old fashion grin on his face while I wondered the damage to the truck.  Fortunately it was his truck and not mine!   Adrenaline at its finest.   No truck damage, apparently the F150 raptor is immortal like our hero, JT.


I think he sold Tony Hammond and I his bar for 200k then asked for it in a paper bag.  he is moving to San Diego, he likes wearing his speedo and drinking his gin out of straws.   It was a great weekend, capped epicly.  

Spring training, winning at the casinos and obvi no sleep.  Team POR headed to PHX this weekend in search of the land of citrus and sand.  We found the sand and forgot why we really wanted to hike Camelback Mtn.  Lack of sleep and too many extra large rice krispie treats spelled doom for the team.

ImageHarry Canary was at the game tho, and we made sure we didn’t miss this photo op.  Some other good pics to follow but our photo editor is slow to release.  Spring beak is always fun given some good weather and the right meerkats.

ImageKitty Sanchez.



never fight a triceratops, make sure you stand off the t rex because you can always find their weak spot.  They can’t reach ya unless they eat ya.

Pronkbirds hit the road this weekend.   St Pronk’s is on the way.  Time to sautee LA.  Hope you are all cheering internally, some surprises to come.  Like Bonesaw qualifying for BOSTON and his brother, Marc, powerlunging the entire 26.   dress appropriately.



Harlem shake responsibly.   We have a horse head coming your way!   July 13th, mark your calendars, we want you all in LA.   Big race news to come.   Lucky #13 in July.  Hope you know that is two days after Nancy Pants’ birthday!  Going to make it big!



Boogity boogity boogity.

– Binger Von Bingerstein




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