Do Something New, You Turbobird

Things are stacking up for POR.  We want to do all these things, but the organization of all the by products can only be as good as Bonesaw trying to be your doctor, wet nurse, babysitter, and sponsor for RCIA all at once.   We know he is a devout doctor, but can he handle a pronkathon, doctor duties, and make sure you are a good catholic?  That we will let Leah bring light to.


when that light bulb goes off it often is for a reason.  cool thing today was POR visited a family we sponsored this past holiday season.  the outpouring of support by meerkats far and wide, as we mentioned in other posts, definitely made an impact and the children were excited to see some turbo birds.  their eyes light up, their smiles go on forever, and the time you took to get to work early and leave to get there before they were less than tazmanian devils is all worth it.

so POR is taking it to new heights.  we have a pic of Mr. hendricks, portrayed as a canine in this portrait, thinking about where he wants to POR to be by July.

photo (5)

what he keeps telling me is that he wants people to have fun.  he wants to make sure everyone can come to the race he is planing.   he wants women to flock/run san pantalones like the meerkats of capistrana through the hills of malibu creek.   he is not one to joke around so when he ate the end of his cigar and ruptured an eye vessel while explaining this I told him I was in for the cause and i would do anything he wanted me to.

Planning, much like pancreatic cancer, is a bee-otch.   It’s not funny, it’s not easy, it’s something you need to overcome even with the worst case of ADHD.   so we have come up with some ideas.  How about you email us if you want to be involved!??!?!   great idea, i know from experience.  Chris, the one drinking a turbodog above, will field all delegation business, so send your email to Pants Off Racer at the address   Things need to be done, so let us know your skills, SAT score, preferences in duties, favorite color, and if you use chapstick or not.  We don’t want you to get stuck organizing transportation and ending up like these superfly pronkstars!


in summary, life is busy, when is the last time you took a minute or two to be someone’s sponsor in RCIA?   good question for most of us.   i think it is at least good to ingrain a very familiar saying we have seen a few times and count our blessings and email us so you can help the best cause to meet up with friends, party, pray, exercise, and forget about what was on your mind yesterday.



2 thoughts on “Do Something New, You Turbobird

  1. Mr. Hank says:

    i’m down.

  2. Hendricks says:

    Malibu Creek Meerkats!

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