Life is a pile of Crumbling Burrito

tubo dogging some miles really works.   your runs get easier and your body feels better.   pronkmode takes over, your body stops aching!   it kind of gets crazy, your legs start working right again and your body feels right.  it is like you are running out of detroit!  no one can catch you.  not even the lokos!Image

when those legs get back it’s like a windmill.  best thing that happened to a turbostar!  game time is meow, or at least creeping on you all.  lady KT bird ran a few miles today, 16 to be exact.  she is running lights out, ready to take t pot in a 5k or less!   training for boston pronkathon is no joke.   Bonesaw ran 15 at a sub 8 mark.   he is training for world peace and accord among all that the meerkat is the new king of the jungle.  he will RACE YOUR MOM.  doctors aren’t to be taken lightly.

regardless we have some hopes this year, mostly that you force us to do a race and that u have some to suggest to our team.  we love to travel, so what’s up?!?!?!?  tell us where you are racing and we’ll let you know when we can make it.

chris hendricks is deep in paperwork trying to get ready for the 1st ever race.  his job is way worse than mine.  supervision and delegating is the ultimate high, just make sure you have the right people supporting you.  Chris Hendricks is your kinda guy.

so get on your game, it’s not that bad.   legs come back quick with the right antidote.


eat your food responsibly and smirk when your life/burrito falls apart.  at least we have good people around us.  ones that we can run with, party with, and dig.  if you need an uplifting story let us know we have plenty recently.  things are tough for people but they make the best of it because they know there are people out there pronking for a cause.  Hope you have done your part.  you can hope or you can help!   smirk and help, we love those meerkat members.

get ur rest, even if we don’t.


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