OK, so we have this race.  Follow the flag bearer!


stand on one leg, and get ready for the news.   it is gonna get really fun and we can’t wait to have more info for you!

balance on one leg

We are having the FIRST EVER POR Race.  it will be at a nearby trail LA trail and we want all of you to attend and support.  it will be run for Nancy Pants, The Dan Goldman family, and others that are dealing with Pan Can.   We don’t have the date set down yet, but the trail is picked and we will begin to leave clues for all you.

Costumes are welcome and bring your friends.  Tony Hammond is bringing 50 of his AZ friends and we expect the same from you!

tony bear

So how excited are you?   Can’t hold it in?   We can’t either.  We are looking forward to some great guests.  DJ White Jade, Binger von Bingerstein and his life coach, Nancy Pants in her moomoo, the Goldman and Brown families, and many more celebs across the country.


We are looking for ideas for awards, what to give and who gets them (i.e. best dressed, coolest facial hair, most tie dyed clothes, etc.).   we need swag and sponsors.   we need Tracy Colvin to rent out the Elks lodge for the night so we can sign karaoke and have a real sweet spandex party.    anything else you can think ofk, including someone that can design websites for the race!  please send your ideas to

More to come, but that’s all you can handle for now.  trust me.  don’t get old on us!  this is all about staying young, i think!

don't get old

so you can imagine us all at the start line i leave you with this visual.

the start line


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