FACE it, winter makes you lazy.

well with the winter windning down, altho it hailed in LA the night i am writing this, we need to think like this cat!

meow u doing

yea i don’t think an early season race will be easy, i won’t be in the breast shape i have ever been in, but i know there are other meerkats and cats out there getting their miles in.  I have this spare tire i need to blame on my dentist, sending me polish donuts a wk after fat tuesday.   the beer flows like the salmon of capistrana, or did a few wks back, but meow i really want to get back to that prefontaine mustache shape and turbo some miles.  boot camp is nearly in high gear and we better get things out of the way so sunday don’t wreck my race day!

busy season

this is how i felt a couple weeks ago.  need to look in the mirror take a mental pic, maybe hit the scale.  i don’t want to be that meerkat left behind, i want to be leaving the rest behind.  so the first half marathon this yr was a real eye opener.   got beat off the gun, and felt the miles of travel and vacation wearing on a rusty run style.   chi runnig was not happening, and pronkcamp was officially reopened.   jumping into a half pronkathon at the suggestion of some Doctor beanhead’s advice was a great idea.  the doctor never showed up but some die hards did.  well maybe we didn’t know what was in store.  but the flat course was easier than some of the drives home i have taken.   meow i am glad i kicked the season off with something really really hard and took the first event head on totally out of shape.racoon

we may be use to wearing those ties and even pants, ugghhhh, at work.  it’s all part of our cover.  no one knows the POR org like us, and when they do they are presently surprised.  people have no idea why or when they run into a group of REAL people.  i mean Chris Hendricks really isn’t a pro surfer/snowboarder, he holds a real job as an attorney.  Mark Smith isn’t a professional golfer, nor ever could be mistaken as one, he sells commercial real estate to really really rich people.  DR Amato isn’t a pro volleyb all player, he has a band he started with Jake Watson and DJ WHite Jade called the Pronkbirds.  Bonesaw really is a doctor, he is terrible at keeping you in one piece, he loves to cut bones off and sew you back together.  The list goes on, we prairie dogg even more.

kiss of death

So do’t let winter be the kiss of death.  Find your frog, trail, hill, or track and make it your beeotch.   Find time to see the little things in life that you miss when you are stuck in traffic.   get ready for your races.  Take your vacations and come back with a stronger spirit to compete and be with your friends.   Take inspiration from those that can’t do these things, the ones that we adopted for xmas, Nancy Pants who continues to go through chemo 6 yrs fighting pan can, and do it cause you want to live longer and healthier.  we don’t do this to hurt, we aren’t completely insane, we just like to take others by surprise, meet up with our friends for crazy dares/races, and mostly get in costume and run fast, far, and in support of something.

take a hike

get back on schedule.  a good hike may do you good.   find something that makes you happy and gets you back in 2012 shape.   ya only get one body.

balance on one leg take a nice vacation

no vacation excuses.  find a good partner to run with.   views like this are just another reason to explore some more!


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