Back to Racing Your MOM!!!!

LA Pronkathon is around the corner.  Time to start thinking about that.  We have some big things we need to do in order to get prepared.

First – stretch, safely:

safe stretching


You have most likely been doing your downfacing meerkats, and working on the old ninja kicks.

ninja kicks

but if you are going to saute  26.2 you need to look into a big training schedule.  that and a lot of prayer.

praying for mercy

uncle nate has the right idea as he is joining a big team as we race for a meerkat comrade that is dealing with some impending surgery.  we all want to race hard for the big meerkat fella, Conor Joyce.  He has been the glue when it comes to snacks in between miles, it may have been a candy bar pulled from his pocket in the LA cancer challenge that solidified his rank among most random meerkats and race diets.  his random 15 mile runs, or showing up to rained out softball games on foot, only having to take the bus back to Hollywood.   Either way, we are running for you, all of us.   Pat, Dan, Marc and Bonesaw Pribaz, Ryan Heinburg, Dell, Uncle Nate, and others unknown or anonymous will all be running wishing you were there for the pants off party afterwards!  Get well soon, brah.

candy man








One thought on “Back to Racing Your MOM!!!!

  1. Jon Pribaz says:

    clear eyes…full heart…C Joyce!

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