Prairie Dogg Some Miles

Hey it is that time again, time to get back in shape.   While you’re doing that don’t forget to do some stretches.  We want you to enjoy yourself so maybe find yourself inverted as Wadley Wad shows here.    Make sure you don’t put your body into shock, we need you to be able to Pronk some miles, not to mention some half and full pronkathons!

stretch out and have fun

The weather isn’t always the best so make sure you dress appropriately before you get out there and put your tread to the road, trail, or hamster wheel.   You need to stay healthy, sick meerkats can’t run, fast.

prairie dogg some miles

Be smart out there and avoid injury and set backs.  We can all ask this guy how much fun it is to deal with achilles tendinitis.  Let me answer that one for you, it’s not.  As shown in his expression here!

get me out here



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