POR Race for Life

Some things in life happen once.  Others happen many times.  For instance I only got to see my dad cry one time in my life so far.  That is enough!   Also, I umped one baseball game behind the plate in my life and I took a fastball to the head over the mask and flinched every next pitch since I never wanted to get hit that hard on an uncovered dome again.  Needless to say I wasn’t a good ump since I wasn’t looking at the strike zone or even if the batter swung.  one and done there too.

Things I like to do often.  Races with our friends.   Grill any night that is open on the schedule.  Concerts. Traveling to new places.   I think those will always be what I am looking forward to.

So that brings us back to my first like of what we do often.  We race so much why not have our own race?  Why not raise some money for our efforts and really help out some people in need.  This year we helped out 3 families with cancer and unfortunately one of the husbands that was being treated for pan can passed away shortly after we met him.   He was able to enjoy his family and close ones for the holidays, but will forever leave a mark on us as someone that didn’t deserve to have cancer.  he was the healthiest person I could have imagined before being diagnosed.  A real freak, in the nicest sense when it comes to healthy eating and working out.  Sometimes cancer picks the good ones too.

Dan Goldman and his family were like our own family after just one meeting.  DR and Pronk were able to spend some quality time with them before xmas.  Thanks to the overflowing support of the POR nation we had gifts for them and two other families    Unreal amounts of gifts were wrapped at POR headquarters by elves and roommates.  it was so cool to deliver, and next year you are all welcome.   One of the mothers wasn’t even struggling with Pancreatic Cancer, she has ovarian cancer and we came to the aid in the last minute.   That is how we do things!

Of all things we are enslaved to the habits of our upbringing, and being good catholics we made sure even the Jewish families had a xmas tree.   I think they enjoyed it, even if they had already had there 10 crazy nights.  Honestly the thought went a long way and they shared some pics with us so you can all see.   Hope you all take the time to remember what you made possible.

ANDDDDDD……This doesn’t have to happen once a year.  We are waiting on YOU to give us ideas throughout the year.  What is next??!?!!?!?  We have some horse racs with Mams & JJ Peterson planned, but what else?   Let’s make it more than an annual thing.   Trampoline night is in order, we just need to take the time to do these events, in our busy lives.   OK, enough for now…..enjoy the slideshow.Dan holding Jules ella opening pres Jules and Dan w lightning mcqueen lap top still working on cookie photo photo 1 photo 3 (1) photo 3 photo 2 photo 4


Well we have some big news coming up, stay tuned!


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