NANCY CAKES – Taking a Bite out of Cancer!

NANCY CAKES is live! Rumcakes here! Getting ready for the holiday reason flood just in time with her new website. They are delicious, and 50% of all proceeds are directly routed to pancreatic cancer at John Hopkins University.

“Enjoy the world’s best rum cake & help fund pancreatic cancer research all at the same time! So many times in the last 6 years I’ve tried to think of a way to give back to all those that have given me exceptional medical care. I decided to “borrow” my husband’s most delicious dessert recipe and donate half the profits to pancreatic research. Even though I’m am currently on chemotherapy I’ve managed to bake quite a few cakes for the holidays with lots of help from my family. I’m so lucky to have this big, supportive family that never fails to pitch in at a moment’s notice. Many days you can find me on the couch just giving orders but relishing the aroma of a freshly baked rum cake. So order a cake today and enjoy every bite.”
– Nancy Pants

Order yours, your boss’, and yours again directly at

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