Time for prayer is often reserved for bedrooms and churches and synagogues.  We aren’t saying you need to be catholic or you need to go to Lourdes and stick candles up your nose like our old mang Balty, but I think it is time we got serious and at least did something.


What have you done recently to make a difference.  Our friend and most philanthropic donor so far has began to tithe his annual bonus.  This kid (Andrew Forero) is made of golden pants, not because he went to ND, but because his heart burst and bled all over his pockets and into the greatest team ever assembled.  He is just out of college and making donations that make a real difference!


I can’t tell you how awesome all of the friends have been in supporting the family and the cause.  It isn’t one person but it is so many across the states.  We have 24 knuckle/turkeyheads signed up for a 200 mile relay race this fall.  Some family that we didn’t know existed anymore, and others that are just excited to join in the event and promote such a vital cause in the cancer research community.  Special things are about to happen, ask Trooper!


So keep your spirits high, and make a million dollar smile something you wear around all the time.  I think Pants has it down in this pic!  Pictures remind us of some of those good times, so make sure you go back and remember what makes you happy again.


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