So there are some new faces in the crowd this year.  We have Chops, he dances for training, and he has kicked his smoking habit so he doesn’t get any more cigarette burns in his jersey.


Hendrix and yahr decided to take the plunge.  Half of the dynamic duo is heading to the 1st annual Pants Off Racing Bourbon Chase. 

Uncle Jimmy will also grace us with his presence.  He is the elder member of the group and obviously the most immature.  Ask the Canadians!


Brian Moose Smith, well we aren’t sure which picture is him, but the one looks like he may be constructing an Ark in case we take on the oceans one of these years.    2 at a time please.


Well this year is big time for the team.  We are about to break open in the non profit scene.  Our license is in process and our lead counsel, Jimi Hendrix son, Chris, is making sure that your donations are going to good use.  As financial manager of this institution, Pronk will send out the pro forma as soon as it appears in front of him.  With any luck we will be building forts and tracks and swimming pools in the name of Pants off Racing gloabally!  Can you even imagine what a group of young guns, and some old (see uncle jimmy), can do for the face of pancreatic cancer?!?!?!  I am freaking pumped, pumped full of wild turkey and ready to go for a run, bike and swim. 


See ya Pantless racers, have a day and don’t be afraid to shake that weight!



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