It’s that time again, races are starting and the partying is about to hit all time highs.  Traffic in LA is miserable since DR moved out here with 9 million other post grads. 

 All I really want to do on the phone with Nancy Pants in the morning is lobster kick a few of these commuters back to their hometowns.  Then again, I will race their mom, and I will win.  Pants of Racing has begun the spring/winter with a real bang.  Hitting up a 100 mile bike this past weekend and competing in all all out 15 k war in Chinatown.  War or hills and rabbits.  I would say the rabbits won, but I am not so sure my hip flexors would agree, the hills must have gotten the better of Downward Facing P Dogg. 


Here are a couple pics of the afternoon.  You may recognize the picxs from a daily line up in the Toledo Blade or the UCSB dogbook.  Either way make sure you steer clear of these motley fools.  IT’S BEEN BROUGHTEN BY POR! 




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