The American Mile Race Recap

July 4, 2010

       The American Mile, located in the 1.6 square mile town of Longport, NJ, is a casual and family oriented July 4th tradition. Hosted by the Longport Fire Department, the 1 mile race had over 750 registered participants with ages ranging from 4 to over 60 years old. While there are medals given to age-group winners and trophies for overall winners, the event is largely non-competitive and easy going. Still, the overall winner of the race crossed the finish line at the 4:33 mark.

       While this race has mostly been an annual Murphy tradition, perhaps next year we can see some new POR faces take to the starting line (and perhaps take home some more hardware). For 2010, only Susan and David Murphy participated. David completed the mile in a leisurely 5:40 placing 40th out of 750. Susan Murphy completed the mile in 7:11 and took home the Gold Medal for the Group: Females Ages 50-55. If you know Susan’s past success in this race (2 Trophies and 3 Medals), you may think this result is normal. However, it is important to know that in March of this year, Susan had knee surgery on BOTH knees to repair a torn meniscus in each knee. Talk about inspirational. If Susan can bring home Gold after two knee surgeries, what’s your excuse, LEIN?”


One thought on “The American Mile Race Recap

  1. Bryan Lein says:

    I already have too many medals. Nowhere to put a new one.

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