This was recently sent to Hurrican Pronkbird by a Lady pronkbird from NYC.  This lady pronkbird is the breast fan ever know to the Turbo Pronking nation.  She comes to visit for Pronkathons throughout the contiguous USA, and who knows where she may turn up next.  But when T Bone, Pronkstar, or Drizzzzz race there is sure to be a message via text or drunk dial, or face in the crowd. 

If you are thinking about having a new breast friend or fan take down Hurricane Annie’s number.  She may be seen walking the subways wearing a Jim Tressel t shirt or just playing tennis in Compton against the ladies of the Bronx.  Regardless, she is precious and had this to share with us.  This article is against the credo of the Pants Off Racers, and for that we will post it to get your opinions. 

Wear your Pants reposponsibly!

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  1. annie says:

    #1 groupie…. wahooo

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