The Birth of the Speedo

As we all know this kid is Kreepy.  He keeps Kreepy Kool, and as a Pants off racer he has had many chances to be both Kreepy and a Pronkstar.

Well it’s Amo’s bday and we know he loves pics.  he loves posting pics of his siblings so we’ll show ya a few of his all time breast pics.

Bday Smoke

Always has a face for the camera.  His childhood in the shadow of Chris Amato and his All American status was tough, but through his many facial expressions he was able to cope.  Some of us fared much worse!

He loves his daggs.  Pretty sure his affinity with them is as bad as uncle Kelly owning a pair of rollerblades!

Plays santa for the pants party, no matter how hot the old people keep the house. 

How many tressel shirts do you own? 

Brings a new meaning to roadtrip. 

The Goat Bag! 

Have a diesel bday dude!  The band will never break up, Noel!

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