Nurse Jackie and her bday stache

Nurse Jackie is getting old! 26 yesterday and celebrated with squirt guns and facial hair. we are just glad she didn’t break her foot again. here’s a rib of girlface, aka MJ, looking seksi in a stache.



3 thoughts on “Nurse Jackie and her bday stache

  1. juplife says:

    she’s the breast

  2. Jackie says:

    Finally a picture that captures my true essence! That gun is aimed at Patrick for not coming to my bday party. I know he will make it up to me though!

  3. aceamato says:

    MJ I have big plans for you, although I can’t tell yas about them until later or else I would ruin the surprise. Kreeping at your bday would have been too much possibly for u 26 going on 46 yr olds! watch that metabolism, if you don’t tweet some peaches and pronk some hamster wheels you may need to be kicked off team pants! hopefully ur chest hairs are as well manicured as your stache!

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