Patrick McPronk

soon to be legend –  yes he is about to married/dead.  Well we are having a bach party made in heaven.  he loves cornbread, eats with his co-workers, and even takes vitamins.  this guy was bron with a golden spoon and 19 siblings.  no he isn’t mormon, he is Irish.  Irish I were Mexican, but somedays i wish I were McPronk!

His feats include being sweet at average things, be a talented Bengal (see bengal bouts, notre dame), drinking more jameson than water on an average day, and being the best big spoon ever to come out of South Chicago. 

 He also was roommates with Joe C.  That is not to be overlooked because Joe C is a mythical bartender in Chicago and will play Rockband till the moon is going going gone.

Well every good man meets a slampiece and fizzles away.  Pat has met that slampiece and she is from T Town, home of the mud hens and Liz Malone. 

A great place to get married and make kids.   Ask my parents, they did the grown up and had four kids that all live the dream and pronk the walk.  Off base again, getting that ADD back on track, Pat is getting married.


We are celebrating the death of McPronk in Austin TX!!!! 

Going to be the sweetest event in tandem with Uncle Blair’s big bday bash. 

Should be lots of Texas swearing, lone star beers, and blonde hairs.  Pat and Blair are yet to meet but put them together and they are a match in heaven.

  come see us in july, july 15 – 18, and see what I mean.  I miss you all and hope to see ur botts thar.

Signing off responsibly…acepronk.

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