Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon Race Report

Pants Off Racing reported to Cincinnati this morning for the Flying Pig Half Marathon. John and Sloth crashed Gym’s pad to join him on his quest to become an official Pronkstar. Gym had been training months and came through big time.

The weather report was ominous leading up to the race. When it came time to do tha damn thang, there was a 100% chance it was raining. By the time the start gun sounded, we were wringing out our jock straps to shed a few pounds off our running weight.

The Flying Pig is a very challenging course. A huge portion is an uphill battle, literally. There is a 3 mile stretch of uphill prairie dogging. If you are looking for a race to run a fast time, the Pig is not the race for you. However, if you’re looking for an exciting run, with a lot of spectators, great atmosphere, and a large field, the Pig is a tremendous race.

Gym took it to the course like a veteran Pronkstar. He finished in 2 speedy hours – exactly as he planned. A great time for the conditions and the course. Sloth Bear charged hard for the second consecutive weekend and matched his time of the Glass City Half Marathon – an astonishing feat considering the higher difficulty of the Cincinnati race.

The Flying Pig will be remember as one of the funnest runs Pants Off Racers have ever conquered. The three Pronkstars were the life of the party. They created high five lanes inciting the spectators to tweet louder than they ever thought possible. Random runners near the PORers were greatful for their enthusiasm.

John took his phone with him and took many live Qik videos to chronicle the event. Because of the rain, many of the videos were taken while his phone was inside a zip-loc bag, but still capture the excitement of the day. Below are the videos. Catch the fever and join us next time as Pants Off Racing gets busy pronking.

Gym crosses the finish line victorious in his first pronk-a-thon.

High five lane with Sloth and John.

Running hard with Gym.

The downpour at the start line.

Crossing the bridge from Ohio to Kentucky.

Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon Champions, Gym and Sloth.

Rainy pre-race conditions in the Nati.

Rain never stops a Pronkstar from pronking a thon.

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