Journals From The Pronk-boy

So this weekend was spent away from the fields of Pronking and LA.  Spending as many hours away from training as possible and running into the Clausens in Palms Springs was on the agenda.  The blonde hairs were on the agenda in Palm Springs.  Country hats, aka cowboy hats, were a big thing, and a few man hammocks were even spotted.  Just cause we always seem to be Pronking thons and tweeting about training runs doesn’t mean the party is over.  It is actually starting.  To be immortal is to stop training all together and eat a pulled pork sandwhich and tell everyone at the concert that you are in love with a platter of Garlic Fries, even if it is from a vendor called The Gym.  Sorry Genital Gym, they took your restaurant name and made the fries better!  Better make sure they serve their ice tea at the proper temperature and serve crave cases of pulled pork sangwiches.

So the weekend was filled with Pronk fuel – Sparks, 5 hour energy, an occasional turkey bomb, some delishious waters, thousands of natty lites, and a few hundred monster vodkas.  The sites were amazing.  Imagine 75 thousand of your breast friends in the desert enjoying Tobey Keith and Keith Urban doing the gobbler as the sun sets!!!   Riddick, Mark can tell you firsthand he blacked out from nostalgia and several grams of bud light.  The people were amazing, the shirts tell the story and the hats separate the cowboys from the girls.

Having said most of this from memory I do want to say that this concert is not to be missed in your bexton gazette itinerary or your POR race schedule.  I will race you out there next year and make sure the JW is ready for lots of tandem bike rides and Pornkbirds invading for a weekend of high tolerance.

My body still is resting, but it says bring it Wildflower.  I see you on the schedule in 3 days and you know what!?!?!!?  I am not afraid.  I conquered Boston and Lavaman with coral in my foot padding, I will take you on with a pink sleeve on my head and a meerkat on my jersey.  You will be pronked like those before you because sometimes all it takes is a racer’s turboheart, some hal mary’s if I am not blacked out by the run, and the spirit of Nancy Pants Amato coursing it ways through your veins.  Pronking with meaning is important and can get you through everything, plain and simple.  I haven’t had time to train like I need to but the races are fun and should remain that way.  Seeing people you know and stopping to talk to them is underrated!  You need to have a smile on your face, or you just aren’t running like the Tarahumara that we read about in “Born to Run”.  Find your inner stallion and tell the unicorn to stay hidden till you’re finished.

As always, pronk responsibily, and don’t forget to reply to emails.  Softball is more important than work, and that’s fact.

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One thought on “Journals From The Pronk-boy

  1. Right Coast Gal says:


    “All Pronks living Pronkfully in this land of Pronk, have a rightful and Pronkful duty to Pronk, what ever Pronks Pronkfully Pronked, Pronkfully Pronkify them to Pronk”

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