The Glass City Marathon With DR and Rohn

the glass city marathon in toledo, ohio (what, you didn’t know toledo was the glass city?) was my second marathon. my inexperience paid off.

the glass city marathon was much improved compared to last year. in 2009, i ran the half. the route for the half began at the 13.1 mile marker for the full and began at the same time. it went along the river from perrysburg to toledo. this year the start for the full and the half was at the same time and location, adjacent to the university of toledo football field. the half course was very nice. it ran through the ottawa hills neighborhood and through wildwood park. the route for the full stayed the course and kept going on to some mundane country miles out to sylvania. not much fun, but still an improvement. the finish for both courses was on the football field. since most runners are wannabe athletes that never played a real sport or are trying to duplicate athletic success from their youth, this was quite a thrill for most.

please let it end soon

so, how’d it go? well, i finished. yesterday’s glass city marathon was probably my worst run ever. this was the first race i ever felt prepared for. i actually trained, man! the training did pay off – i ran my fastest half marathon time ever (around 1:38). however, the training didn’t translate into preparedness for a full marathon. somewhere along the course my nutrition imploded and i ceased moving quickly. fortunately DR was there to prod me along and willed me across the line (that’s what pants off racers do. TWEET! TWEET!).

DR makes it look fun. it's not.

despite the struggle, i accomplished what i set out to do: finish a marathon in under 4 hours. my time was 3:57. i was dangerously close to falling short. at the end, my final motivation was that if i finished in under four hours, i would never have to run a marathon again. for about half the day after i finished, that was my mantra: i’m done with marathons, it feels so good. but here’s the thing: i know i can run better than i did. i should be finishing marathons much faster. i want to run a faster time. so, even though i spent yesterday swearing off marathons, i know i’m going to run another. no matter how miserable they are and how terrible yesterday’s was and how close i was to quitting, another marathon is in my future. i’ve never met a greater challenge. running a marathon is horrible. it’s easily the most difficult thing i’ve ever done. as long as i can run a marathon, i know there is no challenge too great.


PORers katie amato, sloth, emily florian, and beth and meg poz all ran the half marathon. they all ran PRs. katie bested her PR by over 10 minutes and emily by 2!

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7 thoughts on “The Glass City Marathon With DR and Rohn

  1. Molly Dorrell says:

    Hey I was there too- Finished my first half and that is something I never thought I could do. I am more sore than I have ever been in my life today as a result!!! I saw Beth and Meg and met Dr. Poz… I missed you though John, good job.. also great job Katie- awesome time!!!

  2. emily says:

    john! i could have bet my life that after yesterdays comments you would honestly never run another. i cant believe so soon that you are thinking about running another! hahaha unreal. good work though!

  3. annie says:

    you are still my hero!

  4. […] just over 2:00. A great time for the conditions and the course. Sloth Bear charged hard for the second consecutive weekend and matched his time of the Glass City Half Marathon – an astonishing feat considering the […]

  5. Molly Dorrell says:

    Pat was aware but must have forgot to deliver the message! I may do one in orlando in Oct. I’ll keep ya posted…

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