Race Report: Holy Half Marathon

Holy Half Marathon
March 11, 2010
Notre Dame, IN

David Murphy, Geoff Meyers, Bryan Lein, Michael McKernan, Jenna Hansen, Cathy Zyra, Mr. Zyra, D.R. Amato

Overall, the Holy Half Marathon at the University of Notre Dame is a young, and relaxed event.  Since it is on a college campus, there are a lot of young runners.  With that said, you have a lot of first-timers running their first half-marathon, but also a group of elite runners who still haven’t had the time to enjoy their first beer.  It’s a fast race, and it consists of a double loop around the beautiful campus of Notre Dame.  Our POR group was in full force and we had a great showing.  It was fun to get involved with a group of us that ranged from first-time half marathoners (Murph, Cathy, Michael), and also some more experienced drinkers (Lein), and even a pair of immortal pronkers (Geoff, D.R.).  So, with this mix of runners, combined with the debut of POR’s flashy jerseys, it made for a great day for all.  I would recommend this even for almost anyone.  It appeals to the average runner all the way to the most experienced and competitive runner. 

Despite a slow start due to the sluggishness of the masses, the POR Fighting Meerkats ran in flying ‘V’ formation and split the hordes receiving aroused stares from all who caught sight of the spectacle.
In a staggering demonstration of strength, two of POR’s finest, Geoff Meyers and DRiz Vibrato, finished at the exact same time of 1:30:53 or 6:57 mile pace. That would be 60th and 61st place out of over 900 runners. Michael Mckernan wrapped up 220th place with 1:43:32/7:55 pace, and Dr. DG Murphy held down 268th with a time of 1:46:30/8:08 pace. MVP Bryan ‘Abraham Lincoln’ Lein courageously lead the entire run and heroically took a small nap near the lakes.
Also running, Guest of Honor Gary Zyra and Daughter Cathy Zyra of Pittsburgh crossed the finish lines to the awe and cheering of the masses.
This race also debuted the masterfully designed POR jerseys that will be sweeping the nation. Buy POR’s stock now as it is bound to rise sharply.

Merry Pronkmas to All and to All a good night,

Written by Dr. DG Murphy

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