We are sower we are STROSE!

Boulder based Anthem and anointed deputy (by his confirmation sponsor) John Christ Binger (confirmation name) Amato may soon join forces, just as I have joined forces with oasis 2.0 (shown in upper left hand of the picture). Our new clothing sponsor will be at all race events and most likely fashion the headwear apparel as Aunt Nancy Pants has been too busy signing up for the amazing race and running for political office from Amato HQ in Hermosa beach (which means beautiful in Mexican) to fashion us all with her beautiful tie dyed sleeves (http://hiphousewives.com/)!!!!

gooo gooo ga chooo! look like a dapper cholo in ur new anthem hat and trash stache. the ladies at work love both the hat and creepy stache, let them love. it’s not their fault their women!

wiki responsibly PORs!

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One thought on “We are sower we are STROSE!

  1. aceamato says:

    the hat is black, the logo is black, and my heart is the same. regardless, that hat is pretty cool, so get on the Anthem bandwagon and tell JCBA that we want some swag!

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