This is a racing team and we need to start racing.  There are a few things we do well, and one of them is run for a cause.  The cause in this race is gonna be FUN.  years ago i think i ran across a story about running in costumes, not just your average daily jog, but an epic Pronkathon.  These people joined the trifecta of sweetness as one: Exercise, Costumes, and Consumption (Drinking & Eating).  There are only a few times you can really say you do this. 

One would be tailgating

 Big and Strong

 another may be Bay to Breakers in San Fran (www.baytobreakers.com)

 The "Racing" Elvi


and finally another being family reunions. 

 Mom's Love Mullets

Regardless we have some racing to do…and the Marathon du Medoc is just this.  We are primed to have the race be one of our finest moments of sheer will to drink while in costume for 26.2 miles.  leading the charge is our hapless father figure, Chris Amato (aka NJ for 2010).  he has never run before, like Chuck Norris, but he will prairie dogg wine country with the Frenchest Frogs.

 Funny Frenchies

here is the link so make sure you get your shoes broken in and get ur costume ready for this special event coming sept. 2010!



Our 2nd race of the year is for all you crazies that like long rides in vans and tweeting 200 mile races.  We plan on taking on the next level of endurance racing, in teams!  We are looking for a Riddick-ulous amount of Pronkstars to stack our 2 team roster with 12 members each.  The race includes several legs of racing in which competitors will run between 4 and 6 miles at a time to run a total of 200 miles as a team. Most members will get in about 18 miles and receive a chalice of Wild Turkey upon arrival at the finish line.


DRizzle is working on the team jerseys with his friends on twitter, and these should be up on the website shortly.  Again, tell us how interested you are in this.  It is gonna be the breast race ever, and pronkbirds and lady pronkbirds are urged to sign up as soon as possible.  Spots on the team will only last until registration via POR.com is closed.  First come first served, so claim ur chalice soon.


Possible attendees for the race du medoc – Pronkburd, Binger von bingerstein, Amo, Mark Smith, Drizzle, Chris Mato (capt.), Novelon’s, host Randy Epping, jim Hummer, and many other pronkstars.

Attendees for the race du Turkey:  Amato kids, Gerhard Lombard, Editor of POR.com Heidi Burkhart, Dell and Mrs. Dell, Uncle Nathan, T Pot, and Annie Pants Rapson. 

 The Ugly Buttlings





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