Staying Positive

The man to the wife brought his whitest whites, they were fresh from the sporting goods store and he wanted everyone to know he owns a bottle of bleach.

All that Junk inside dat Trunk

Alright to the real story…..PANTS HAS ANOTHER CLEAN SCAN!!!  Thanks for always praying and thinking about the lady we call mom.  She has been blessed with so many great friends.  Any time you need a few prayers let us know, we def. owe yas a few.

Teamwork – It’s worked for 3.5 years and counting!

As for the post that was meant to be a long time ago….

POR's got Ad Space

The Pan Can race.  Here are a few of the photos that never were posted.  hope you all enjoy and find time to join us for some races later in life.  We have some good ones coming up, so send us an email at  We are waiting for your ideas, races, and IQ scores.  And if you haven’t sent in your applications yet please do so.  We are on call and always late to get back to people, but it isn’t our fault, we are too busy racing and looking for our pants (and having fun).

Made by Ohio State chefs


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