The Lost Race – Santa Barbara

Every year we make a pilgrimage to Santa Barbara to visit Wild Turkey himself and all the bachelorette parties that are up there.  This year we decided we might as well do a race while we were at it.  Good thing we had a race too, since Wild Turkey bailed on us for Vegas at the last minute.  At least he still let us crash at his place, only problem was that we had to pick up the keys from his mom in Augora on our way up.  This however turned out to be awesome as we got to hear all sorts of stories about how big of a nerd Ryan was growing up!  After our detour to the wild turkey horse farm, we headed to Santa Barbara, checked in to the race, and unpacked our gear at Ryan’s place.  Then we got some grub and hit the sack early.

R1- 8A

            We got up race morning at some ungodly hour and rode our bikes over to the start since Wild Turkey only lived a mile away.  At the pre-race meeting they stressed safety, last year there was an unfortunate accident on the bike and a competitor lost control of her bike on a technical down hill portion and was killed.  Always remember even in a race you got to be careful out there.  For this race we would be in the 5thwave, which was a change of pace, but gave us plenty of time to set up our transition area and go for a quick warm up swim.  Good thing we tested out the water before the start, it was freezing and would have been a shock if we waited to run in at the start.  Other then being freezing the water was a slightly rocky, and don’t remember much else.  Pat finished in around 30 min, and Pelner, well lets just say he finished.


            The bike course was somewhat deceptive with gradual inclines being tougher then you could tell and the down hills a little faster than they appeared they should be.  There was definitely some tricky descents, and the pre-race speech was enough to freak you out a little, so took it safe on some of the more challenging parts.  It was still an awesome ride, despite some rough roads as well.  It was cloudy and cool perfect for the bike leg of the race.  Pat’s time was 1:38 and Pelner was in at 1:46.

            The run was an out and back with a few hills on the way out, which made for a nice run back.  It rained a little on the run, just enough to keep you nice and cool.  The run was mainly along the coast with some nice scenery.  Pelner had a sweet leg cramp on the run and clocked in at 1:12, but despite battling an Achilles injury Pat was able to come in at 1:07.

            Overall Pronk finished in 3:23 and Pelner came in at 3:40.  It’s definitely a race worth doing.  Hopefully next year we can get Wild Turkey to join us and actually hit up some of those bachelorette parties after.


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