Injuries are nothing you want to have to deal with.  But we all get tired and worn out, and unfrotunately even older.  My body is in breakdown mode and need of a bikram yoga vacation.  My achilles is swollen up like a slinky and I can almost here it expand and contract.  Well i was looking for stupid exercises to do to help cure this in the next week or so, and all I was told was to walk like a duck on my heals.  So I looked like Mark Smith, except that I had to point my toes in the air.  Now you look silly like that, but it works given time, rest, and ice.  It is also helpful for shin splints, but lets look at something more practical.  Here is a post that all of us can get something from.  It is smart training, and will even help in your cross training and core development.  Something lots of us don’t have time for or neglect since it is so time consuming, or we think it is, and the results are never what we want.

So here is the deal, if you don’t want to get injured or you just want to start a conversation with the hotties next to you in line to a movie you are going to by yourself, or you want to creep out or impress some co workers, get your arse to yoga classes.  and not just any yoga…bikram yoga.  Check out all the added benefits to this workout…..  follow the article links for all the benefits.  here are a few that are highlight.

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downward facing p dogg


In my opinion, there are three primary reasons why endurance sports athletes should consider practicing yoga:
(1) Increased flexibility. As a multisport athlete, we need a full range of motion in order to be more efficient in our movements.
(2) Improved core and stabilizer muscle strength. Because we maintain the same positions for extended periods of time (e.g. 5 hours in a hunched over position during the 112-mile bike leg or running upright for 2 hours during a long run), we need a strong core and strong joints to support our bodies.
(3) Both of the above will help reduce the likelihood of overuse injuries (assuming adequate rest and reasonable training volume). Consistency in training is a key success factor in endurance sports. It’s difficult to be consistent when injured.

DR at the gym
DR at the gym



Aside from the challenge, there are many other advantages associated with Bikram yoga. People from all fitness backgrounds and health histories see benefits through regular practice.

“I have been struggling with very tight and sore Achilles tendons and calves for almost a year, seeing specialists of all kinds without much success. After just three Bikram classes, I was virtually pain-free and able to play soccer at 100 percent!” says Bikram student Duane Marino. “It is an unexpectedly difficult workout that tests your balance, concentration, stamina, and strength, and uses every major muscle group

With benefits for all body parts, including increased energy and a renewed spirit, Bikram yoga is a way for anybody to enjoy what the heat has to offer.



The heated room that the session takes place in helps ease muscles and joints and you leave feeling quite supple. The heat promotes sweating and detoxification and is designed to ‘deliver total health through the balancing and strengthening of every system in the body in order to prevent illness, injury and limiting the effects of aging’. Bikram specifically tailored moves which would ‘systematically move fresh oxygenated blood to 100% of the body – to every organ, bone, joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, tissue, fibre, blood vessel, nerve and gland’. With five years of experience behind me, I would have to agree with a lot of this.

Attending the evening session promotes a great night’s sleep. For the same reason the morning sessions can be quite dangerous!


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