Bike shop is Open

The bike shop is open. After reading lance armstong’s it’s not about the bike got a crazy idea to change thetires on m bike. This is one of the most arduous quick gear switches you can do. Trying to get that new tire over the rim of the wheel just doesn’t want to work. Took me twenty minutes for the first wheel only to realize that the box with new tires came with only one change of tires! So back to the shop tomorrow if they are open. Luckily I have a couple spare tires to use until I get that fixed up

I did notice that the usual round shape of the tire had been worn to a flat shape, almost making the tire “boxy”! Don’t let that happen, you’ll just be working harder. I guess that may help for ironman next week in Wisconsin.


you may know this guy as J-pronkstar

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