dublin ohio half marathon race report by coach rohn anato

taken from rohn’s personal blog, juplife.com. all ohio state fans should check out his sweet osu shirts.

today’s race in dublin, ohio was amazing. we had a great group put together. DR, katie, sprout, and i drove down saturday for the race. saturday night we had our ritual prerace night dinner at panera. we took fellow POR team member cousin jeff mcclellan with us. jeff wasn’t signed up for the race yet. we put pressure on him right away to run. by the end of dinner, he was figuring out the route we were going to run. that’s commitment to the team.

jeff crosses the finish

jeff crosses the finish

the race had significance for a lot of us. it was katie’s first race, sprout is in training for the philadelphia marathon in november, jeff was completely unprepared, and i was just hoping my knee would survive.

kat money finishes

kat money finishes

katie finished her first half in under two hours. quite impressive for a first attempt and very little preparation in recent weeks.



sprout and his fancy green shoes kept to the training program with a strong run. he finished ahead of katie with a specially designed air conditioning beard. he’s ready for the real deal.

twins fans

twins fans

emily and allison florian are our biggest and best fans. this is the second race they’ve come out to support us. they’re teaming up at the spirit of columbus and running as a relay team. i think emily is ready for a half on her own.

whos the big winner? DR is.

who's the big winner? DR is.

DR set out to qualify for the new york marathon with his run today. in order to do that, he needed to finish in 1:23 or better. he finished in ~1:21:30. the route we took had us cross paths a couple times. a tall bearded man led most of the run. after i crossed the finish, DR was already out looking for the rest of the team. i approached the assumed winner and asked him his time. he said, “1:23”. so i asked about the kid who finished behind him and he said, “you mean the kid who beat me? he finished about a minute and a half in front of me”. that means that team POR claimed yet another victory this weekend. it is DR’s first race victory. not bad for a kid who doesn’t even consider himself a runner.

DR is a better eater than runner

DR is a better eater than runner

perhaps DR’s greatest accomplishment of the day came when we dined at thurman’s cafe after the race. thurman’s cafe was in a recent episode of man vs. food. DR has had an absolutely insatiable appetite lately with all of the training he’s been doing. we both ordered a thurman-ator: two 12 oz beef patties, ham, bacon, cheese, grilled onions and lettuce. he devoured his, the side of fries, and some of sprout’s pretzel bites. eating the entire thurman-ator was twice the challenge as the race for me. i nearly horked on several occasions. DR hardly broke a sweat. that’s the stuff champions are made of.

team POR at the dublin half maraton

team POR at the dublin half maraton

it was a great day. i’m so glad sprout survived his megabus trip from chicago, jeff was fun enough to sign up the night before, katie challenged herself and exceeded her expectations, DR accomplished what he set out to do and brought home the gold, and my knee held up. we were all champions today. anyone willing to train, get up in the early morning, stare at the 13 miles ahead of them, and keep moving until they step over the finish line can’t be anything but a champion in my eyes.

the key to a race is simple: 1) start running, 2) don’t stop, 3) stop at the finish line.

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4 thoughts on “dublin ohio half marathon race report by coach rohn anato

  1. pants says:

    i knew you loved bunny best!

  2. annie says:

    congrats dr! you know we have a spot for you in NY for the 2010 marathon… i promise no fiddlesticks the night before the race (well, at least not for you, i might be there). cant wait. good luck training!

  3. Jeff M says:

    John-I’ll do better in October. Looking forward to the Thurminator. See you in a week and a half.

  4. […] ago, i made the trip from Toledo to Columbus with my younger sister and brother and sprout to run a half marathon. i ran my first half last fall the day after the buckeyes home opener. since then, i’ve run a […]

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