Guys, it is that time. Finally an event to support that involves the true PANTS, Nancy Pants Amato. Come RockTober 25th there will be our first race in the honor of POR, tweet tweet go the Pronkbirds! It is called the LA Cancer Challenge. You are all welcome to come walk, skip, run, sprint, or lunge through this amazing event.

LA Cancer Challenge Event link.

Uncle Nate did all of the above to finish his first race of any kind, outside of the Teens High on Lifer race in StRose elementary school. It was a proud day in the Lone Star state.


We have a team set up and everything. We will be bringing our honorary Matron from start to finish. She has been doing her part by partaking in Spartan workouts at the track in the humidity of beautiful HIO! She is almost ready to show y’all her pink kicks and laces that match them. Anyway, let’s try and sign up as many as possible. POR is going to represent en masse, and even if you’re not running with us in LA, show your support by running another race or 5k at your own leisure this same weekend.

This guy is coming, so pack in his creep car and meet us thar.


So here is how it goes, you can join the Nancy Pants team online by following this link.

Once you get to that link you just hit the Join Our Team hyperlink and it will guide you to team membership. Pants is making shirts out for everyone, ones that were designed by someone sweet, so make sure you email us with ur confirmation and tell us your size of shirt. This event falls on Pronkbird’s b-day weekend, so lots of Turbodogs and Wild Turkey will be required! hope you are all ready for the madness and are looking good without pants.


This will be an epic event with lots of photo evidence of how sweet it is to race as one, and how great it is to make a difference to all those battling such and awful disease. Please consider at least being a donor or finding others to sponsor the cause, because without getting out there and letting people know about the men and women that are dealing with this type of cancer, we won’t be able to reach the broad audience we are hoping to inform.

Chicken legs of all shapes and sizes welcome.


Thanks for your support, more to come! This is part of your new team, never a dull moment with the guy in the corner.

team POR

Oh and don’t forget to Carbo Load, PORers!

carbo loading

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