GO DUMB PANTS OFF RACING – the story of Binger and Pronk


We were monsters, our moms (and yours) would be proud. We pronked the THON and the Golden Gate bridge nearly before the sun was up.


Needless to say we prairie dogged those mini pronk hills in san fran, carbo loaded with plenty of delish granola, and made sure Frosty had a new toaster and coffee maker upon our departure from the great state of san fran bay


It ended with a bang, Binger hit his stride the whole way and came out with a new PR of 4:38. All his training paid off and he still can heed the advice of his life coach, the Raw Devastator, “Some people get in shape to run marathons, I run marathons to get in shape!” well as you would know B Dinger, our fav. Ex step cousin would work it more like “I don’t get in shape to pronk marathons, I pronk marathons to take my pants off”!


In any event, the race was great but the company was better as u can see. Come race with us, it’s more than an experience, it’s a pronkstyle. And don’t forget to pick up ur very own bottle of Pronk Powder!


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    -Von B Inc

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