Team POR has been busy lately. With race season in full swing now, we have some important things to report…
T-POT won his divison in a spring triathlon last weekend. Congrats!
FAT WADLEY entered what sounds like the swimming equivalent to a marathon the other week and swam 6 miles in the ocean. Naturally, he won.
HEIDI BURKHART won her division in the NYR triathlon this past weekend. That’s pretty sweet. I also received her $1 application fee in the mail today even though she emailed her actually application to me. Now, that’s dedication.
JULIE SKALAMERA and GERHARD LOMBARD also competed and finished the NYC triathlon this weekend. They did not win their age group, but GERHARD has promised us another race report.
MATT WESTHOVEN completed a spring triathlon this past weekend. He is our token clydesdale of the team. Race Report to follow.

POR’s KERI HEHN is in Rome, Italy right now swimming for the US of A in the World Championships. I don’t really know what to say about that except its a big f-ing deal.


PRONK AMATO and EX-STEP COUSIN BINGER ran the San Francisco Marathon this weekend. PRONK qualified for Boston with a time of 3:04 and BINGER qualified as best ex-step cousin ever with a time of 4:38. It was totally worth the video.


BOB LEIN and KEVIN “Sprout” STEIGERWALD are running the Philadelphia Marathon November 22. This date marks the day BOB shows his running dominance over his son, BRYAN.

DAN PELNER signed up for Ironman Lake Placid next July.

JOHN AMATO, D.R. AMATO, and SPROUT signed up for the Columbus Half-Marathon on August 16th.

If there is anything we missed, please let us know. This is exciting.


3 thoughts on “POR BREAKING NEWS!!!

  1. aceamato says:

    actually the truth is that Tron Beranek is also a clydesdale. he eats a huge batch before the race weigh ins and tips in just above the mendoza line!

    pelner is our lone featherweight in the male division, weighing in at approx 87 lbs. that’s like 47 kilos, for all u canadiens!

  2. rohn says:

    i didn’t even know sprouts real name. that is the best photo of teapot ever.

  3. Nancy Amato says:

    You need to add that one of the youngest PantsOffRacing crew, Graham Amato, just finished the Pier to Pier Paddle Race. Might it be added that one Patrick Amato, did not participate in the Pier to Pier Swim that same day….due to the 6 Man Flu. Please see Kelly Amato for pictures of Graham racing! Respectfully submitted by Graham’s Mommy! :)

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