Race Report: Vineman Half-Ironman


Vineman Ironman 70.3 – July 19th

Dan Pelner

Been about a month since the last race so I figured it was about time for another one. I’d be racing solo this time so don’t have any pictures. Got up to Santa Rosa a day early to check out the course and check in. Seemed like a pretty flat course which would be a nice change of pace. On the

way back to

my hotel from the expo a car exploded on the freeway, so rather then sit in traffic I pulled off at the nearest exit. As luck would have it there was a movie theater there, and I went and saw the best movie ever while the traffic cleared. Pretty sure if you swap that tiger for a cougar “The Hangover” describes most of our trips to Vegas. After the movie I met up with some folks from LA Tri Club for dinner.

Normally my age group is the first or second wave of the race, but for this race they randomly draw age groups out of a hat to determine the order of the waves. So my wave wasn’t until 7:30, which meant I could sleep a little later. Expect to see more races with this kind of system in the future. The swim was in a river, but there was almost no current, and the water temp was just cool enough to allow wetsuits. It was also pretty shallow, I even saw some people up and running at some points.

4567_640114049207_5608045_37493825_697443_nThe bike course was a rolling ride through wine country with some great scenery. I thought I saw an Emu farm at one point on the course, what the hell do you do with an Emu farm? I was able to stay in my aero bars for most of the ride and felt pretty strong throughout. About 7 miles into the ride I came to a fallen tree in the road. Later I found out that the tree came down in the middle of the race injuring three riders (http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20090719/ARTICLES/907199983 ). Freak accident. The only big hill on the course came at mile 45, it was a pretty long one but not as steep as the hill on the Wildflower course. Luckily it didn’t get too hot until the end of the bike.

All I remember about the run was that it was hot and hilly. There also may or may not have been some local selling goats along the course. I really just wanted water though. As I came into the finish chute they were blasting “I’m On a Boat” on the speakers…awesome. Ended up finishing in 5:14, my fastest half-iron yet! Great race,

definitely planning on doing this one again in the future. 4567_640114084137_5608045_37493832_2687935_n


One thought on “Race Report: Vineman Half-Ironman

  1. aceamato says:

    congrats. hopefully this training pays off for 6 man!

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