Week of Pronk-ing!

Pronk came to town this week to finally get serious about training for this ironman we have in 2 months. I think it finally hit us that it is relatively soon. It was a good week of training, a lot different when you actually have someone next to you trying to do the same thing as you are.

Weigh In: 159

S – Run 8 (55:45), Ride 102 (4:38)

  • The week started with an Amato family wedding in Chicago, always an interesting time when so many Amatos are in the same place. It was a lot of fun driving everyone around all weekend. On our way home, we stopped in ND for a nice trail run at St. Mary’s and a heavy lunch at CJ’s with Prof. Drevs. Once, we got to amish country Rohn and Kat dropped Pronk and I off so we could ride the rest of the way home. It ended up being 102 miles with plenty of wind in our favor.

M – Swim 3200m (1:15), Ride 22 (1:08), Run 7 (52:44), gym x 12, PU75, 960

  • It was fun waking up at 4:20 in the morning time for our first swim of the week. Swimming in the dark is always my favorite. We pounded coffees the rest of the day, and then the rest of the week for that matter.

T – Ride 27 (1:33), Ride 24 (1:20), LSD ~ 13.5 (1:50), gym x 15, PU75, 960

  • Pronk got to join Rohn and I on our weekly Long, Slow Distance run of the week at Oak Openings. Each week we run 10 more minutes and are up to 1:50 this week.

W – Swim 3200m (1:15), Speedwork: 6 Yasso 800s (2:52) – 4.75 miles (39:09), gym x 6, PU75, 960

  • We tried out our first Yasso 800s workout today. Not fun at all, but I could definitely feel the effects of this track workout. Bart Yasso’s theory of this workout is to run 10 x 800 with a 400 jog between and average your 800’s time to simulate your marathon time.

TR – [Run 60 (~8), Ride 4:00 (81), Run 30 (~4)], 640

  • Today was probably the most grueling workout i have ever done in my life. Thanks to Brandon del Campo, we tried one of his brick workouts he sent our way. We managed to finished it, and actually felt great on the last 30 minutes of the run. The bike was extremely long but it worked out great since Robbie joined us and we have a good line going the entire time.

F – Swim 3200m (1:15), Ride 16 (54:03)

  • We couldn’t really get ourselves to do a whole lot today, especially after 3 days of early morning swim workouts followed by breakfast dates each day. I did test out Pronk’s new bike today, and its completely unfair. It is so light and quick that I finally realized why I was staring at Pronk’s ass all week while we were riding.

S – Run 18 (2:37)

  • Pronk and I drove north to Ann Arbor for the day and ended up at Sterling Lake State Park. We didn’t really have anything specific planned until we arrived and they had a great 18 miles trail. Instead of riding today, we opted to run the trail instead. It was perfect though, a lot like oak openings with a lot more hills. Probably the breast part of the week was the 3 times I turned to look at Pat and he was doing ninja rolls in the dirt from tripping all over the place.

Summary: 25:42
Swim: 6 miles; 3:45
Bike: 272 miles; 13:30
Run: 63.25 (8:25)
Gym: x 33, PU225, 3520


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