Race Report: Splash and Dash

Splash and Dash – Location: Huntington Beach

Race report called for sting rays. Wadley really wanted to pee on someone, so he was looking for them before the race. The race was free since Wadley’s breast friend was a lifeguard for it. Thank God Matt came up too to support and take lots of ribs of us in our 6K race. Without him we wouldn’t have these ribs to share with you.


Wadley killed the course and took 4th. I made sure I took my time to enjoy the scene, and I only swim when a race comes around. Practicing is over rated. Prolly why I haven‘t felt comfortable in my wetsuit yet.

Anyway, great day for a race, but the distance was a little short, waking up at 6am was awfully fun though. On to the next weekend/race.


2 thoughts on “Race Report: Splash and Dash

  1. La says:

    So, next time I need to do this one and I’ll pee on you during the run (cause thats usually when I need to pee), or u guys need to do Ventura. I won a wet suit btw…just found that out on Sunday. -L

  2. Pronk/Pat A says:

    Hah, that is unreal. def. worth doing the race for free stuff!

    nice work, you are the first POR member to win something. and no peeing on my leg!


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