Columnist Jackie Wanger Book Reporting on Pancreatic Cancer

Jackie “The Panc Gospel According to Wanger Ranger!”
By Jackie Wanger Ranger; POR Columnist
Randy Pausch was a professor, father, husband, and warrior for pancreatic cancer.  He inspired millions of people with his story, and helped raise awareness for pancreatic cancer research.  In his book, The Last Lecture, Pausch tells the story of his life, how he truly lived every one of his childhood dreams, something he feels everyone can and should do.  The book is an extension of a lecture he gave, his final lecture at Carnegie Mellon University.  He talks about how blessed his life is, even while dealing with a terminal diagnosis.  However, it is the very fact that his cancer was terminal that pushed him to fight for further pancreatic cancer research.  Although he knew there may not be a cure in his lifetime, he knew that it is possible someday, with enough time, funding, and research.  His desperate hope was that his children would never have to suffer a diagnosis of cancer, but if they did, there would be a cure.  His book is inspirational and entertaining, and is well worth the read.
For more information, go to
Also check out this video of Dr. Pausch speaking to the Labor, Health, and Human Services subcommittee, advocating for pancreatic cancer research:

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