First Post Ever!

TEAM POR, let’s get long winded

Synopsis –

  1. Start sending in stuff for us to post, workouts, ribs, bios, random crap that makes this fun for all
  2. Bio’s will be posted on the team page, check them out, they are sweet
  3. D.R. Amato is a bored clown, he needs you to keep him busy this year
  4. Sponsorships are on their way


And the long version:

POR is off to a quick start. Bio’s and dollar bills are flying in at a good pace. El president, DR, is super bored this summer, so it is our job to keep him occupied while he lives under the iron curtain of his parent’s house (as apparently many of our members still do!! Ha)! Between his text messaging and run/bike/swim schedule, he has found plenty of time to upload ur sweet as “ribs” (pics to the lay person, text messaging scrambles this word).

We need more updates from all of you, so send some updates to us and we can post them and some ribs of what you are doing. Keep them as short or long as you want. The mission of this group is to have fun and keep people motivated in the process. We can only be as strong as the team, so hearing about ur conquests and struggles will be helpful for everyone. Plus it is always fun to hear from someone other than DR, or the Treasurer.

So far we have had a lot of great stuff come in. Pleasant surprises, like Ex Step Cousin Binger’s headshot (he’s a model, idiot) keep this whole thing interesting. Apparently girls can be left handed too, according to a bio by some chick nicknamed Taylor (she’s 5’8” in stilettos). Mike Big Daddy Bulfin also claims to be 5’8” but he must have been drinking too much wild turkey, because even soaking wet and in a speedo he is about 5’3”! Jams Wilson, you love babes. Awesomely said, we need more abbes on the team, and POR is all about babes. I think that ranks right up there with Wild Turkey.

So your job right now is to keep checking on the website, pick a workout plan and stick to it enough that you will feel the best you have since college, even if that was a couple weeks ago. One of the added benefits of this is that you can join Rohn Amato at the summer’s tour de county fairs, and eat whatever you want without even gaining so much as a love handle. This is your quick fix to the munchies.


We are excited to say that our intended sponsor letters to Wild Turkey, Splish, Zoot Sports, Istria Café, Jupiter Pro Lawn Care, Powerbar, Sports Beans, and Team Helium are on their way. As sponsors for POR, they should help us to make things on the site better and keep you clothed (barely) for the seasons to come. Uniforms are still being addressed, we will have some race ones and some shirts that will be done soon. We have a few preliminary and primitive designs, so please let the ideas and creativity flow and submit designs if your brain is at all creative.

As for the team, we have currently found a home in nearly every major city in the country, and some even abroad. We are still looking for someone in Luxembourg, but I am sure that will come soon! Our current headquarters are now in Holland Ohio with major hubs in LA, Boston, Austin, Solana Beach (CA), NYC, Chicago, London, Cleveland, South bend, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, Columbus, ‘Nati, Kalamazoo, Memphis, Scottsdale, Portland, Orlando, the country of South Africa, Baltimore, DC, and even Pascagoula Mississippi!!

Anyway, keep the spirit up. Those with addictions to Wild Turkey, exercise, and helping fight this pancreatic bug are all counting on you. We will soon have more people than we can keep track of, unless you have more time than our current president. Travel and race plans for the next season (2010) will be sent out in the coming months, and we will make sure we have a board vote. So someone with the ability will have to set up a conference call is needed, and we can all call in and have our board meeting. It will be in the form of a baseball fantasy league draft so make sure you have your picks in a list, and a case of high life or natty ice handy next to your buffalo wings and sports gu’s.

Enjoy your week, and keep getting your friends signed up.





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