Welcome to Pants Off Racing!

Pants Off Racing is your reason to exercise, get in shape, travel, and hang out with your friends that you don’t see enough. POR is here to promote a healthy, fun, and different way to spend your time. POR’s goal is to encourage everyone to do something that they may never do on their own. Basically, POR is here to make your training more enjoyable and help you push yourself mentally and physically in a friendly environment.

We like to travel, race, and have a good time. In no way is this a “serious” racing team. POR is more or less just a good way to keep in touch with everyone who even remotely enjoys running, biking, swimming…or whatever it is that you like to do. For some reason we get some sort of gratification from running, biking, and swimming everyday.

POR will be providing training schedules, race information, personal updates, travel plans, pictures, and classic stories. This team isn’t a complete joke…we do get down to business when we need to, and our main objective is to get more people involved. The good thing about this group is that it doesn’t take any special talent or ability, just a little mental toughness at times.


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