“Anyone who has put in the miles knows how good running feels once its stop feeling bad.”

Okay, the workouts we have listed are a little intense for anyone, especially if you actually have a real job and live in the real world. So for Drew Tuckett and the rest of the working world, here are some running plans for any type of runner who may be planning on running a 5-k, 10-k, half-marathong, or marathong sometime in the future. Good luck!

Newbies: Those just starting out

Seasoned Runners: Experienced Runner

Hard-Core Runners: Most ambitious

Top Tips For The Long Distance Runner

3 key sessions per week:

#1. Long Run

  • Start around 10 miles and add about 2 miles per week
  • Pickups – Run 5 miles regular pace and then do 2 x 1 mile with 1 mile in between at regular pace. (i.e. Mile 6 you would run slighly faster than your target pace. The mile in between should be slightly slower than your target pace.)
  • Only run “faster” at the end of your runs; you want to feel good after your runs, not “wasted.”

#2. Track Workouts

#3. Hills

  • Builds strength and makes you faster on the flats
  • The hill should be moderately steep but not crazy steep
  • Standard – do 3 miles for a warm-up, hill workout, then 2-3 mile cool down

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